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A little about the Designer


      My dream of owning my own business always seemed like just that .... a dream. Having it come true is proof that if you want it bad enough and you work hard at it you can accomplish anything. 

      Hello, my name is Stephanie Kimble and I design new and unique pieces from everyday recycled items. Today I welcome you to check out my world of creativity. 

     I've been a crafter pretty much since I was a kid. My dad is a very crafty|handy man himself. He has always given me good advice when I've needed help. I have always said that "my craft time is like yoga to others. If I dont get my craft 101 time I go crazy". 

     All the love, support and encouragement I recieve from my family and friends gives me the strength to want to succeed. Being a stay at home mom of 3 also has given me help along the way. They help by saving items like popsicle sticks when they are done, so I can use them for my new designs. 

      This last year I had the pleasure of being invited back to events that are held every year. Being apart of local craft shows and fairs has been amazing and I`m loving every minute of it. I also continue to meet some awesome and talented people who have given me positive and negative feed back through out my journey as well. My intentions of improving myself as well as my work and the way I present it to other's is an important goal I work on daily.

     This year of 2020, I've decided that instead of a resolution I'm going to have a "Word". Something that describes me and how I want to go about my new year. I chose the word "CHALLANGE". I love a challenge.... I've learned that setting goals and challenging myself are two things that are important in wanting to move forward. Forward is a direction I want to go and It's also a journey I don't want you to miss.

Oh and by the way did I mention that you can follow me by clicking the events tab or going on Facebook under INGENIOUSLY UPCYCLED!

     Please if you have any questions or ideas for me please go to my contact|order page.

 Thanks for your support.